Hiring Managers

Be able to select your way to get work done

Find Consultants and run projects your way with Talent Future.


Don’t worry, You are safe with us

You get what you pay for. And we can prove it.

On hourly contracts

 we count keystrokes and take random screenshots of your freelancer’s screen so you can see they’re putting in the time.

On fixed price contracts

You will decide on milestones and only pay up when those milestones are hit.

Post a job and hire the best.

Connect with talent that gets you with Talent Future

Post your job on the world’s work marketplace and wait for the proposals to flood in from talented people around the world.

Our advanced algorithms help you shortlist candidates who are the best fit. And you can check profiles, portfolios, and reviews before you give someone the green light.

Let us help you to finding the right talent

Let us help  select for you the talent to reach your goals with Talent Search

Talk us through your budget and goals and we’ll do the recruitment for you. You’ll get a shortlist of our very best talent, all perfectly suited to the task.

You’ll have plenty of help choosing the right person for the job. And no matter who you are hiring you can:

  • Direct-access to proven talent without disturbances
  • Check their profile to see if they are a right fit
  • Check qualifications
  • Run a chat with our messaging feature